Homemade HobNobs


I’ve recently adopted a strange breakfast eating habit. I would get up, grumpily make myself a cup of tea, grunt at G., (on a good morning, I can manage a lopsided smile) and dunk a Digestives or Hobnob into my cuppa. I find myself adopting different eating routines in different countries. I don’t normally have… 

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Pork Korma with Sweet Potato


I enjoy reading food blogs and trying new recipes. I’m constantly surprised at how easy it is in fact to make something. I would have been too intimidated to make it in the past but food blogs demystifies things for me. Food blogs, I’m eternally grateful. G. and I were having a discussion last Saturday… 

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Chocolate Rum & Raisin Brownies


Happy April Folks! I hope this month will be a happier month for everyone. I’d falsely believed that spring was here until a local guide told me that it’s going to be a long winter this year. Aw boo! Here I was ready to celebrate. No matter, I’ve got some goodies to chase the winter… 

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