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Etsy Giving #01

By • Jun 14th, 2011 • Category: Other Stuff

  1. Vanilla Pear / Felted Slipper by onstail
  2. Sprouts – Mungzuki Organic Sprout Seeds by MoonlightMicroFarm
  3. Dryer Pillow Sheets (SET of 3) 100% upcycled by zJayne
  4. Soft & Light Hand Woven Turkish Cotton Bath Towel by Turkishtowel
  5. I love peas organic cotton t-shirt by mypipsqueak
  6. Organic Baby Quilt/Blanket Set by PipSqueaksBaby
  7. Handmade All Natural Organic Lavender Cocoa Butter Sugar Scrub by jenzenorganics (40% off)
  8. Single Large Happy Reusable Vegetable Bag by wonderthunder
  9. Mason Jars Tea Towel-Organic Linen by madderroot

This is my Etsy gift-guide and favourites post for the week.

I’m all in favour of eco-friendly, chemical-free, organic products. We’ve been hearing these words for quite a while and sometimes it can be a blur to what it means. Growing up in Malaysia, there’s little education about recycling or organic living. There is a lack of social awareness that we, as consumers, have the responsibility to do what’s right to create a cleaner, healthier environment to live in.

Having lived in Melbourne and the privilege to travel to Japan and Sweden, I’ve seen how easy it is to be more eco-friendly and conscious. We sort our rubbish, use recycling bags (instead of plastic), buy fresh produce from the farmer markets as much as possible, and have water tanks in our backyard.

I once spoke to eco-friendly Swedish designers and they all say, every thing changes from a single decision. When we choose to invest in clothes that do not reek of chemicals; or when we buy fair trade coffee/ chocolate – we change the world and save lives. It is that powerful.

Last Sunday, Mr. G and I traveled along the canals of Link√∂ping and I saw firsthand how people benefited from an eco-conscious way of life. Waterlilies were growing in the river; children played and swam care-freely in the water, people were painting by the shore — it was incredibly serene and relaxed. Here in Link√∂ping, food waste are incinerated to produce 1) hot water for homes and 2) bio-fuel for the public transportation. The city is almost self-sustainable in terms of energy and most people travel by bike. It’s so obvious that people and nature can work together to produce an ideal environment to live

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It is said that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. We can all make a difference in our choices of today. It’s time to take a step backwards and think about what we can do to move forward with mindful consumption.


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9 Responses »

  1. Beautiful finds, proud to be included. Thank you :0).

  2. A ~simple decision~ that can help change the world. Love that!
    Lovely presentation of delightful finds! Thank you for including my organic lavender filled sachets for the dryer and more.

  3. Not only is your website adorable, you have featured one of our favorite Maine artisans, MADDERROOT!!

    Jes & Jolene

  4. Thanks!! I love Madderroot too! :D

  5. Such wonderful creations!

    And so true…we borrow the earth from our children. I wish people would think about that more in stead of just giving in to fast and easy shortlived satisfaction.

    Made your bluberry cake the other day and it was superb! Thanks for the receipe :-)

  6. Thanks Inger, I’m glad you tried the recipe. It’s delicious isn’t it?

  7. Nice post and I agree with your thoughts. Everything starts from small but important choices we make. However the state should encourage its citizens to lead eco-friendly life as well. It’s about education and well being all at once.

  8. Thanks for including us in this great collection and for helping to support eco-friendly living. The blueberry cake sounds delicious . Off to go find the recipe. – madder root

  9. Thanks for including our Mungzuki sprouting beans in this collection. Simple mindfulness in living does much toward restoring our connection with the natural world. Thanks for the gentle reminder.

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