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Etsy Feature: Misala Handmade

By • Nov 16th, 2011 • Category: Guest Writers/ Etsy Sellers

I have been so busy with so many things I have not been able to blog about food. And for this I have to apologize. I reckon it must

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be the holiday buzz. With Christmas just a little more than a month away (I know!), all of us on Etsy are hurrying off to get stuff done in time for the Christmas shopping. Which is also why I feel an importance to support the Etsy community. I know for a fact that we are all trying our best especially at this time of the year. We are Santa’s little helpers. Forget elves in green suits, we are the modern day toy makers – or if you prefer the ‘adult version’.

Meet Michelle, creator & extraordinaire of Misala Handmade. She is, no doubt, very good with her hands because she makes the cutest (on-the-scale-of-10-they-are-12), most adorable money bags. I absolutely adore her shop. Let’s have Michelle tell us about herself….

Hi! I am Michelle from Misala Handmade. I was originally from Hong Kong, but moved to Dubai to follow my husband and his job. The move had given me the time to think about what I really likes to do and explore my creative side, and that’s how Misala Handmade was born!

I love using kisslock purse frames in my creations and giving them life with kawaii, cute and colorful styles. Every once in a while I would stop and be amazed at what I have created – I could not have imagined that I would be making so many of these cute, beautiful things with my own hands if I had not started doing this!

It’s been almost a year since I started my Etsy shop, and it was such a rewarding experience! I made a lot of new friends, met some amazing talented people and interacted with sweet lovely customers from around the world, and I would love to keep doing this until I am too old to pick up the needle!

Be sure to visit Michelle’s Etsy shop, Facebook & Twitter!

* Shop * Facebook * Twitter

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