Creative Ways to Productive Procrastination

Ravioli00 Creative Ways to Productive Procrastination

  1. Come up with challenges. I saw this video on and was inspired by one of the speakers who challenged himself to a 30-day challenge. He started cycling to work, writing a book, basically, did things that he wouldn’t normally do. As a result, he broadened his circle of friends, climbed a mountain, loss weight and, hey, appeared on Pretty good for an ‘average guy’. So I’ve decided that for 30 days, I’m eliminating coffee or chocolates (staples) from my diet.
  2. Do something else.
    We all know I’m an irregular blogger. I have recipes/ stories/ interviews lined up BUT I have been ‘busy’ and ‘occupied’. So, today, I’m getting my act together (yes, I may be avoiding doing something else, but I’m still being productive by blogging).
  3. Take a walk. It’s a great way to clear the head and get some exercise into my routine. Especially if it’s such a pretty day like this – and the fact that I signed up for a 10km run in July.
  4. Bake. Now that I’m back in Melbourne, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to bake hobnobs proper. Results? Yum. I basically drowned the whole thing in golden syrup.
  5. Go on eBay and bid for something you’ve been eyeing for a long time…
    like for example, a push bike. I bought a mountain bicycle for $80 online which is a fair deal because a brand new one can go up to $250 and above. A friend told me she bought hers for $800! So because I’m a cheap-arse, I went on eBay and found something I could explore Melbourne in. I’m so in love with her. All I need now is a bicycle helmet. (If anyone has an extra, not-in-use helmet and willing to give-it-away, I’m happy to take it off your hands).
  6. Remember something really important (this will usually takes a long time, but it will look as though you’re in deep concentration and no one can accuse you of slacking off). Right so, I’d scribbled down the recipe for this pumpkin & ricotta ravioli on some random piece of paper (I made it up so I can’t refer it from anywhere) and I might have chucked it out from an overeager effort of spring cleaning. Meantime, I give you luscious photos of this pumpkin & ricotta ravioli I made about a month ago. Ta-da! 😀



  1. says

    I’ve heard before that to encourage creativity you sometimes have to do other things non-related to get the juices flowing. This is a great list! Love those pics too. DELISH. Hope you find/remember that recipe.

  2. Mable Tan says

    Shinobu, Think of it like gyoza, but with pumpkin and cheese filling. Boiled but not pan-fried. :)

    Thanks for dropping by Rachel! Just checked out your blog and it’s fab!

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