Nothing Sombre About Ombre Cake

duoombre01 Have you heard of Pinterest? It is absolutely addictive. I’m constantly inspired by other people’s creativity, and this it is like a huge, beautiful, online scrapbook. So one day I was not minding my own business and saw the word ‘ombre‘. What is this word? And why are all these beautiful colour tones connected to it? It was a fascinating half-an-hour, Googling the word and seeing the fantastic things people have come up. Inspired, I decided that I would make an ombre cake. (If you have an Pinterest account, do add me:
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Baking an ombre cake was a really tedious process, only because I had one baking tin to make four layers. It wasn’t as though I could bake the whole cake and sliced it as I normally would. I had to gradually add colour to each batch as I went and this torment (I am not a patient person by nature), took about six whole hours, including icing it. Mr. G, who was working from home that day, was very good and stayed out of my way as I slowly but surely put it all together. He was very pleased that he was rewarded with cake!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA For the recipe, I used Sarah Magid‘s Vanilla-Bean Butter Cake and Classic Americana Icing from her book Organic and Chic (which is to date, one of my favourite and go-to books for cakes). It was absolutely sublime! My sister-in-law was so impressed with the cake, she’s had it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.

On a whim, I signed up for the Melbourne Run in July. I haven’t ran for something like 10 months, so I’m trying to slip it back into my schedule. I’m also off coffee and chocolate for a month – in fact, it’s only two days to go until my 30th day. I realized one day that I was having coffee and chocolate every day and I wanted to see if I could kick the habit.
duoombre02 Interestingly enough, not having chocolates made me more aware of sugar in everything – ice cream, cookies, beverages. I still like something sweet after lunch and dinners, but instead of reaching out for ice-cream and chocolates, I have a piece of fruit. I know it’s strange but I do like setting challenges up for myself once in a while. It’s not always easy and I have to be aware of negative thought patterns.

However, I’m only human and I have had two mini Easter Eggs during my 30-days self-imposed chocolate ban, but I haven’t slipped on coffee. I will celebrate with a cup of weak latte though, once this is all over. 😀


  1. Mother pig says

    Ombre cake! How cute! Wish I can have a piece (or one layer! hehe)

    Btw, I can’t imagine a life in AUS without coffee!
    When I lived there, everyone was having coffee except me!

    I am into Chinese tea these days since my students always brings me some to drink every time they go back to China.
    I prefer tea… you can drink more I think.

    Good luck with your 10km run in July!

  2. says

    What a cool idea for a cake! I am now following you on Pinterest. You can follow me at Gallery32. Thanks for sharing :)

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