About Me

HappeeMonkee_StudioProfile Hi! I’m Mable Tan, born & raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I now live in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. Previously, I worked in a publishing house and wrote for various magazines – seventeen Magazine, Marie Claire, Female and Going Places. I’ve got plenty of good memories working as a writer and stylist.

After three years, I decided to fulfil a childhood dream – to pack up and live in a foreign land. This new life has been a very different journey altogether and opened up many unexpected chapters for me. I met the love of my life ; I re-kindled old ones (photography) and discovered new ones (cooking). I am currently an online entrepreneur and designer selling my photographs as prints and home décor items. Occasionally, if the opportunity comes along, I am also a travel writer. I absolutely love wearing so many hats!

Happee Monkee is a spillover from Twenty Something & Cooking, blog that was started with a bunch of friends but well-ended before we hit our thirties. Food blogging became an interesting hobby, and now after some years, it is very much part of my life. I’ve met very interesting people,was featured on Rasa Malaysia, even went to some cool funky foodie events.

All material is copyrighted Happee Monkee (http://www.mabletan.com), Mable Tan. If you are interested in licensing one of my photographs for commercial purposes (I have high resolution versions of most of the pictures published on this blog), please contact me.

I hope you enjoy browsing through this website, as much as I enjoyed working on it. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, or leave a comment. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Until then, please take care and see you around.

Mable Tan
Freelance travel writer, photographer & designer