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About Food


It’s a little embarrassing but it’s true, I didn’t own a single baking or measuring equipment when I first started baking. I’ve since learned that when it comes to baking, it’s a lot to do about precision and preparation. But most importantly, I’ve discovered in my two years of baking adventures, is that it is the love for food that creates lovely food.

I love food. That is certainly no secret. I love to eat food. Smell food. Create food. And ever since I’ve started food blogging, I’ve experimented more with food; poking, prodding, smelling, tasting, experimenting, celebrating food. There are so much to experience about textures, tastes, aromas. I would have never have plodded this far if it wasn’t for this blog and I am grateful. This blog and the billions of food blogs out there have inspired me to make something out of nothing and every step has been amazing, fascinating, enlightening and let’s be honest, incredibly frustrating at times.

This is a blog about my experiments, my food journey and I do hope that it will inspire you like how so many other food blogs has inspired me.

This is what I’ve learned: Food and cooking comes from within – the heart, the soul, the mind, the gut. When the moment comes for you to cook, feel inspired, think inspiring thoughts and then with all the confidence you can manage, cook with gusto. That is how delicious food; fantastic food; mind-boggling food is created.

Happy cooking!