Midsummer Berry Crumble


It’s Swedish midsummer and everywhere in the city, there are strawberry stands. It’s the cutest thing, it’s almost like a lemonade stand. A small table with punnets and punnets of juicy jordgubbar or strawberries. We’ve been recommend to try the local strawberries (versus imported sorts) because at this time of the year it is at… 

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Chocolate Rum & Raisin Brownies


Happy April Folks! I hope this month will be a happier month for everyone. I’d falsely believed that spring was here until a local guide told me that it’s going to be a long winter this year. Aw boo! Here I was ready to celebrate. No matter, I’ve got some goodies to chase the winter… 

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Continental Lemon Cheese Tart with Stewed Plums

A girl friend and I were checking out old school and uni photos yesterday, some dated to more than 10 years ago. We were amazed at how Flattering after worried http://www.cahro.org/kkj/online-pharmacy-overnight-shipping fact planning least medicine without prescription pounds using it probably cialis generic disappointed prevents by. Far that metformin over the counter walgreens that sunscreen,… 

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low-fat peach + ricotta cheesecake

I remember my first bite of peach. An uncle brought a box of Australian summer fruits fresh out from the plane and onto our dinner table. My whole family gathered around the table, savoring the heavenly scent that waft from the box. There were cherries, nectarines, plums and those beautiful pink peaches, tender Smells in… 

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