Lo Mai Kai (Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken)


Lo mai kai is a delicious rice dish that uses glutinous rice (which is more fragrant and stickier in texture). At yum cha restaurants, you’ll find it wrapped in lotus leaves that gives off a sweet lovely aroma when you gently peel it away. Recently, I brought home a bundle of goodies from Taiping, Malaysia which was my… 

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Ayam Masak Merah


I have a huge weakness for ayam masak merah, which is chicken coated in a rich, tomato and honey sauce. Culturally in Malaysia, it is a Malay dish and they certainly do it very well. Whenever my parents dragged us to a Malay wedding, the only thing I look forward to is this (let me say… 

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Taro Cake


  Making taro cake reminds me of when the women-folk in my family come together and chatter. My grandmother would be there, along with my aunts, and together they would do whatever women do best in a group – gossip. Occasionally, someone would bring up the past, and they would reminiscent of good old days…. 

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Kuih Serimuka

You know it’s really funny how apologetic people feel when they haven’t been updating their blog. For instance, whenever I haven’t blogged for let’s say a week or more, I start feeling a deep sense of guilt. As though I have let people down. And with some certainty, feel that they will never.ever. return to… 

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Kaya (Malaysian Egg Jam)


    “Promise me something when you decide to write a cookbook.” “What?” I looked at G curiously. The idea that he’s so confident that I’d write a book and that he’s making a request has got me. “Make sure you put in a recipe for kaya.” It’s true, G’s probably more of a kaya… 

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